Governor Bentley Makes $234,000, But No Salary

Apr 15, 2013

Governor Robert Bentley released his 2012 tax returns.
Credit NPR

Gov. Robert Bentley has filed tax returns showing he made more than $234,000 in 2012, and none of that was from a salary.

Bentley promised in his 2010 campaign that he would not take a salary as governor until Alabama's unemployment dropped to 5.2 percent. He also promised to release his tax returns each year. Press secretary Jennifer Ardis says Bentley makes his tax returns public so people will know he's keeping his promise not to take a salary.

Most of Bentley's income was from Individual Retirement Accounts, Social Security, and rent from the building where he practiced medicine prior to becoming governor.

The governor's federal income taxes totaled nearly $36,000 and his state taxes nearly $5,900.