Gov. Bentley Considers Change To School Accountability

May 13, 2013

Governor Bentley has indicated he may be sending changes to the Alabama Accountability Act back to legislators.

The schools Accountability Act, which will give tuition grants for students to transfer from failing schools, may not be in its final form.

At a chamber of commerce breakfast on Monday, Gov. Robert Bentley indicated that he is reviewing the act and is considering sending it back to the Legislature with executive amendments by mid-week.

The governor's staff confirmed that although no specific approach has been finalized, Bentley is considering some possible amendments that would clarify its intent.

The bill was passed when the Republicans called for a surprise vote with few Democratic lawmakers present, angering many.

Much focus was on the tax credits portion of the bill, which could affect six percent of students. Bentley stressed that other sections of the bill will favorably affect all students and districts.

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