Gas Prices Spark Need for Conservation

Alabama – The latest survey of gas prices shows they continue to rise to record highs.
Triple-A reports American motorists are now paying an average of about a dollar-74 for a gallon of regular self-serve gas. That's slightly higher than the previous record, which was set late last August. Triple-A says the record prices are not a surprise considering the rise in fuel consumption, high crude oil prices and chronically low inventories.
Some recommended ways to conserve gasoline ... unload heavy items from your car as soon as possible. HEavy loads burn more gas ... and using your cruise control saves up to 6 percent on gas mileage. It also helps to keep tires properly inflated, and change the vehicle's air filter at least twice a year. Also, allowing a vehicle to idle for longer than a minute isn't good. Idling burns up to a gallon of gas per hour.