Gadsden Doctor Has License Reinstated

Montgomery, AL – A Gadsden doctor has his license reinstated after being accused of wrongfully prescribing OxyContin to his patients. Montgomery County Circuit Judge Johnny Hardwick ruled Monday that there was no substantial evidence that Doctor Pascual Herrera's treatments endangered anyone's health. The ruling also says records show Herrera was a compassionate doctor, who even made house calls. Prosecutors said Herrera kept inadequate records of his patients' prescriptions and ordered unnecessary lab work. Herrera's license was revoked by the Alabama Medical Licensure Commission in 2001 after an investigation into his practice. The investigation came after the deaths of several Gadsden teenagers who were taking OxyContin. That's a brand name for the narcotic medication's prescribed for time-released pain relief. Drug abusers obtain a heroin-like high by crushing the pills before taking them.