Funding Makes a Difference

Oct 12, 2013

Whoops - dogwalker off-duty - these guys are probably at home with their owners on furlough!
Credit Kristine Paulus

The government shutdown affected even our four-footed friends, but don't let a funding crisis affect Alabama Public Radio - donate today!


You might think that the federal government shutdown wouldn’t have much of an effect on pets, but it’s amazing how far-reaching the shutdown can be. All those federal employees can stay home and spend time with their four-footed friends, much to the delight of the animals who love that extra attention. But that means the dog walkers, people whose business is helping to exercise those same animals during a routine workday, are now themselves out of work.

Then there are the therapy dogs, part of program run by volunteers that provides comfort to children and adults at the National Institutes of Health. Turns out that program has been suspended. While volunteers run the program, there are no staff veterinarians on duty to monitor the dogs’ health.

Such examples of how the lives of people and animals are affected by an abrupt lack of government funding and support cause dismay and consternation. Thank goodness Alabama Public Radio is here to make sure we stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Washington, across the country, and around the world. Plus, we have our very own award-winning news team that covers all the news and events happening around our state.

We can also enjoy classical music with the master, David Duff; some Bama Bluegrass with Lance Kinney, and big band music and the Crooners on Sunday evenings. I always like listening to Car Talk. And more than once I’ve had a driveway moment while listening to Fresh Air – you know, when you arrive at your destination, but you sit in the car because you want to hear just a few more minutes of that interview.

Unfortunately, like the federal government, Alabama Public Radio would have to shut down without funding – and that’s where you come in. You and all your listening friends are a vital part of what keeps Alabama Public Radio on the air with your contributions.

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