Florida Livestock Escapes Charley

Montgomery AL – Red Cross workers from Alabama are helping Florida residents deal with Hurricane Charley. The storm hit land Friday afternoon. About 30 emergency response vehicles left Friday on their way to Florida. The vehicles are equipped with snacks, drinks and storm recovery information. Red Cross spokesperson Denise Edmisten says the workers could be in Florida up to three weeks to provide assistance. Meanwhile, some Florida residents of a different kind are being evacuated to Alabama. State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks has opened some south Alabama stables to house Florida livestock that's being threatened by Hurricane Charley. Both states have an emergency preparedness agreement that allows the livestock to be moved into Alabama. In a written statement, Sparks says he understands the economic importance of livestock to communities and families, and he says Alabama will do what it can to help save the animals. The livestock will remain in Alabama until the owners are able to bring them back to Florida.