Faithful Companions

Apr 20, 2013

on Alabama Public Radio
Credit Jason Norris

Who wouldn't like a faithful companion who will be attentive and loyal and follow you anywhere?   All you have to do it tune in!


Every Saturday morning you'll find me speaking of pets right here on Alabama Public Radio. I do it because I care about pets. I believe that the world would be a better place if people treated animals humanely. And I believe that for many of us pets add quality to our lives.

What makes an animal a good pet?

It may have something to do with intelligence, although I’ve had pets that weren’t very smart, but they were still wonderful companions.

To some folks, having a certain breed of animal is important, but a mixed-heritage mutt can make for a great pet.

I think that, more than anything, an animal’s temperament and attitude are important ingredients in the making of a good pet – I like an animal that’s friendly and inquisitive, one that responds to me. I want a pet that likes new places and new people, yet is still loyal to me.

But the one indispensable ingredient in the making of a good pet is an owner who cares and who is willing to spend time with the animal. What makes any animal a pet is still the time you invest in it and the support and encouragement you give it. But it’s worth it, to have a companion that’s friendly and inquisitive, one that’s responsive and loyal, one that is there for you around the clock.

When you think about it, that pretty well describes Alabama Public Radio.

It’s certainly inquisitive – just consider all the awards it has received, especially for its News Department. It’s a loyal companion, following you all around the state, there for you around the clock whenever you want to tune in.

If you’ve ever come by the station or attended a special event, you know the folks here are friendly. And responsive? You bet. When you make your contribution, you will have the opportunity to tell Alabama Public Radio what you like to hear – and what you say influences decisions about programming.

It takes a caring owner to make a great pet, and it takes caring listeners to make a great public radio station.

You can be a part of what makes it great, by caring enough to go online to and make a contribution, when you’re speaking of Alabama Public Radio.