Deer Hunts Getting Under Way at Huge Ala Park

Oct 28, 2012

Bowhunters can begin killing deer in Alabama's largest state park this week in a program designed to reduce the number of the animals living on the suburban acreage.

The hunt begins Thursday at Oak Mountain State Park, located in the Birmingham suburb of Pelham.

Limited numbers of hunters will be allowed in parts of the park through Jan. 31, but only on weekdays with the exception of three weekends in January.

Golfers, bikers, hikers and others will still be allowed to use the 10,000-square-foot park during the hunt.

Surveys have found that Oak Mountain has a serious problem with deer overpopulation. Officials say 60 deer were killed during a similar hunt last year, and they expect even more this year because of an expanded schedule.

The hunts began in 2004.

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