DCH Prepares For Cuts - Web Exclusive

Oct 10, 2013

The DCH Health System is bracing for the financial impact from federal cuts.
Credit DHC

Officials say DCH Regional Medical Center is preparing itself for major federal government cuts possibly totaling near 25 million dollars. They say there is a chance even more cuts could be on the way. DCH Communication Director Brad Fisher says the government may not realize the impact of implementing multiple cuts at one time.

“Our observation seems to be that we got these different departments that find subtle ways that can take some cost out of the system. But they don’t ever seem to be talking to each other to realize that you add all of these together and it has a much larger cumulative effect than one change that’s done in one department.”

Fisher adds that the hospital is taking appropriate action to adapt to this major monetary loss. He says DCH is demanding that vendors feel the cut with them by offering “best in nation” pricing, while they also hold off on any major purchases, construction or capital projects. This will assist the medical center in not having to cut specific jobs or programs, but the effects of this change will greatly impact and change the face of the healthcare industry.

“The industry will adapt but these are the biggest changes certainly in, I believe, anyone’s career who’s working in healthcare,” says Fisher.

Fisher, though, is hopeful that the industry will prevail and ensures patients that DCH “will not let the quality of care decline.”