Countdown to Election: Al. District 2

Oct 2, 2012

(Martin): For residents in Alabama's second congressional district, what are the issues they're going to be concerned with this election season?

(Taylor): Well I think clearly the issues that are most in the minds of people in the second district is true across the state is still the state of the economy and jobs, I think the themes that are important to the district are mostly generic ones like the basic state of the economy.

(Maggie): Now there’s also Fort Rocker which is in Dale County what will this US army post look for this election season? 

(Taylor): Well what they’re going to be concerned with and this is a topic that is of significance because it has an immediate legislative significance is the sequestration question in regards to the budget of course some of this is going to have to be handled during the lame duck session so it doesn’t directly affect the election itself but so will fort Rucker and the surrounding communities that rely on Rucker for their economic base will be quite concerned about how possible cuts might influence that particular base. But at this point I’m unaware of any specific concern about particular line item that would effect Rucker specifically but we have to wait and see how these things all play out.

(Maggie) And finally Republican Incumbent Congresswoman Martha Roby is going up against Democrat Theresa Ford in November. What do you think each of these candidates bring to the table?   

(Taylor) Well Representative Roby certainly brings one term of experience and she also is a rising star in the Republican Party and she is attempting to rise in leadership ranks and clearly is setting herself up for a long term career in the US House of Representatives from the second district I think she'll win re-election quite handedly. Ms. Ford certainly brings an experience with both criminal justice the legal field and working in the attorney general’s office as well as education which is certainly a different perspective but again I don’t expect it to be completely competitive.

(Maggie): Finally also historically where does the district stand as far as whether they lean towards republican or democrat in past races?

(Taylor): The district has been heavily republican with one term exception dating back to the 1990’s and has become increasingly more republican. Of course in 2008 in a very close race Bobby Bright won as a democrat as a conservative democrat, self identifying conservative democrat when Congressman Everett retired, but the district itself is heavily republican. The new line makes it somewhat more republican and I expect a pretty lopsided outcome quite honestly

(Maggie): Alright well Doctor Taylor thank you so much for your time this morning