Business Group Backing Bentley Ads For Job Money

Oct 22, 2012

The political consulting firm that helped Robert Bentley win the governor's office is now helping persuade voters to give him more money to lure jobs to Alabama. Bentley is appearing in TV ads urging voters to vote yes on Amendment 2 in the election Nov. 6. The ads were done by Dresner Wickers Barber Sanders. That's a San Francisco firm that helped get across Bentley's message in 2010 that he would not draw a salary as governor until he got Alabama's high unemployment rate down to normal levels. Now he's telling voters that to accomplish that goal, he needs millions in incentives to offer companies to locate plants in Alabama rather than elsewhere. Bentley says if he doesn't get the money, Alabama won't be able to compete with other states. Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.