Bullock County Makes Payment

Union Springs, AL – One of the state's poorest counties has become the first to follow through on a promise to financially support the new Hyundai operation. Bullock County pledged a 110 thousand dollar incentive package to help the state attract the Hyundai Motor Company plant. Yesterday, Union Springs Mayor Earl Hinson and state Senator Myron Penn presented Governor Bob Riley with a check for more than 36 thousand dollars. Bullock County ranks last in the state in per capita income, but Julian Cope of the county's development authority says he hopes the payments will bring a Hyundai parts supplier to the area. At least 15 auto suppliers have announced plans to build operations in Alabama, but no one has chosen a site Bullock County. Governor Riley has asked 16 local governments to pay a combined five-point-six million dollars in incentives to the Hyundai project.