Best Radio Series--Alabama's Gay Rodeo

Jan 23, 2013

What does the great, great, great nephew of old west gunslinger Wyatt Earp do for fun? Wade Earp is a competitor in the “gay rodeo” circuit, and Alabama wants to bring that kind of contest here. APR’s Maggie Martin produced a three part series on gay rodeos, with the first segment focusing on efforts to get one sanctioned in Alabama. Part two included a visit to the gay rodeo of Fort Worth, Texas, where Martin interviewed Earp as well as John Beck, the so called “grandfather” of the gay rodeo. Finally, in part three, Martin speaks with a civil right attorney on the reception proponents of a gay rodeo might face in Alabama. Many straight female competitors prefer gay rodeos because they can compete directly with men. Straight male rodeo riders prefer gay competitions, which are considered less cut-throat than traditional games.