Bentley May Expand Medicaid, Small Business Seminar on ACA

Dec 11, 2014

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Governor Robert Bentley may be softening his position on expanding Medicaid. APR’s Pat Duggins reports…

Governor Robert Bentley says he’s not working on a specific Medicaid reform. But he says he's somewhat open to the idea. However, any Medicaid reform plan would have to be designed by the state and there would be rules. Bentley told state lawmakers about his past opposition to expansion of Alabama's Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act.  However, the governor did say he's willing to consider a state-designed program.    Bentley says he would want the program to require recipients to look for a job, or join a job-training program. It would also use the private sector. Bentley described programs similar to expansions in Pennsylvania and Arkansas. However, the federal government has limited what conditions the states can impose.

Small business owners in the Mobile area attended seminar this morning to learn more about how the Affordable Care Act will impact their business. New requirements with the Act will take effect in January. Danette* Richards is the Director of Small Business Development for the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. She says the seminar covered technologies that can help businesses…

There are online programs that will give you a market price for what services should be charged if you go in for an MRI, what is the market price, companies can offer that service to the employees as they need healthcare services.”

Richards says the seminar focused on small businesses however it had a component for large companies as well.

A public hearing has been set for Dec. 22 on a proposed ordinance that would restrict smoking in many buildings and public spaces in the city of Montgomery.

The proposed ordinance would also prohibit smoking within 20 feet of business entrances, public transportation stations or playgrounds.  The city's Health, Education & Recreation Standing Committee is hearing concerns from residents.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that city officials anticipate the council voting on the ordinance sometime in January or February.