APR's New Website

Jul 20, 2012

We at Alabama Public Radio are really proud of our new website.

A lot of people put in quite a bit of work to get it ready, but none more than Eva Lynch.  You probably do not know her name because she isn't on the air. But she is a tireless worker here at APR.  In fact, she pulls double duty and also works "for TV."  Which is the way we put it 'down here' in radio. 

Let me explain... APR is part of the Center for Public Television and Radio (CPT&R).  Which is a department in the College of Communication and Information Sciences at The University of Alabama.  Radio (as we call it for short around here) is down the hall from TV.  Hence, we tend to say “down in radio” and “up in TV.”  (Which is a completely different entity than Alabama Public Television.)

Anyway, back to the point that Eva put in many, many hours getting this new and much improved website ready and we are all grateful to her.  We are all really thankful for the patience she has shown over the last months to the rest of us.  Goodness knows we all tested her in this process.  Not only did she have to deal with all the technology involved in getting Alabama Public Radio up to speed – she had to drag us along with her.

Thank you Eva.  I am sure all our listeners thank you as well.