Alabama Volunteers Making Contribution to Presidential Race

Birmingham, AL – As President Bush and Democratic nominee John Kerry fight it out before big crowds in battleground states like Iowa and Ohio, Alabama volunteers are also getting involved...albeit on a smaller distributing yard signs or planning grass-roots barbecues. The Kerry campaign has opened a state office in downtown Birmingham...but Republicans aren't sure if Bush will do the same. At least three dozen people are working in the state for the Kerry campaign. They're promoting Internet-based meet-ups, where people respond to e-mails or Web postings by gathering at predetermined sites to discuss the presidential race or campaign issues. State campaign officials say monthly meetings are being held in about 10 cities. The Bush camp, meanwhile, has appointed 13 G-O-P officeholders to serve as leaders of the president's campaign in Alabama, with Senator Richard Shelby as chairman. A Web site that tracks campaign donations reports that almost 25 hundred Alabamians have donated a total of two-point-eight million dollars to Bush so far. That's compared to only about 262-thousand given to Kerry by less than 400 people.