Alabama Life - February 12, 2006

On this episode of Alabama Life - Congressman Artur Davis visits congregations in his district whose church buildings were burned. A convenience store in Snead offers free drinks for knowing Bible verses. Hear a report from Mardi Gras in Mobile. And listen to snow stories from the Storyteller.

The recent string of church burnings caught the attention of the nation, including Congressman Artur Davis. He toured four of those churches in his district and spoke with APR's Brett Tannehill about what he saw.

Dale Lanier owns a convenience store in the Blount County town of Snead. Lanier offers patrons a free soft drink if they can recite the Bible verse he chooses for the month. APR's Butler Cain called Lanier to ask him about it.

Plus we have a story from APR's Chris Newbold about Mardi Gras in Mobile. He took in one of the parades that featured the Conde Cavaliers.

And the storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham talks about something we don't see to much of in Alabama - snow.