Ala. Facing Severe Weather Threat Over Weekend

Dec 20, 2013

Severe weather is expected this weekend. This map looks at the threat from midnight to four in the morning on Sunday.
Credit National Weather Service

Forecasters say Alabama is facing the threat of severe weather over the weekend.

The National Weather Service says temperatures will reach near record levels across the state on Saturday as moist air flows north off the Gulf of Mexico. That will be followed by drier air moving in from the west, bringing a chance of strong storms.

Forecasters say there's a medium to high chance of severe storms beginning Saturday night, and there's a low to medium chance of isolated tornadoes through Sunday afternoon.

The chances of bad weather are highest in the northwestern third of the state.

Severe weather isn't that unusual in Alabama in late December.

A twister caused damage in Mobile on Christmas Day last year, and a tornado killed 11 people in Tuscaloosa on Dec. 16, 2000.