11 Constitutional Amendments On Alabama Ballot

Oct 17, 2012

A description of the 11 proposed constitutional amendments appearing on Alabama ballots statewide on Nov. 6:

Amendment 1: Extends the state's Forever Wild land preservation program for 20 years.

Amendment 2: Allows the state to sell more bonds to get money to offer industries to build or expand plants in Alabama.

Amendment 3: Makes the small Baldwin County community of Stockton a landmark district to protect it against annexation from a nearby town.

Amendment 4: Removes segregationist language from the Alabama Constitution about separating schools by race and paying poll taxes.

Amendment 5: Approves the transfer of assets and liabilities from the Prichard Water Works to the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System.

Amendment 6: Seeks to undercut the federal Affordable Care Act by prohibiting anyone from being compelled to participate in any health care plan.

Amendment 7: Provides that unions can only be organized by secret ballot rather than by employees signing a card.

Amendment 8: Revises the Legislature's pay plan to base compensation on Alabama's median household income.

Amendment 9: Updates the Constitution's 1901 article on corporations to reflect the many types of corporations that exist today.

Amendment 10: Rewrites the Constitution's 1901 article on banks to modernize the language, including removing the gold standard.

Amendment 11: Prohibits any town located entirely outside Lawrence County from imposing any municipal ordinance on its police jurisdiction that extends into Lawrence County, such as Decatur.

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