Selma, AL – Craig Airfield in Selma will receive a 300 thousand dollar federal grant. Congressman Artur Davis says the U-S Department of Transportation awarded the money to help repair cracks in a runway. Inspectors recently found large cracks that could endanger aircraft as they land. Craig Airfield serves as an industrial development site used mostly by aircraft manufacturing firms. It used to be a U-S Air Force base until it closed in 1977.

-by Brett Tannehill

Robinsonville, AL – Two earthquakes have hit southern Alabama during the past week. The first occurred last Thursday. It measured two-point-nine on the Richter scale. Another happened Tuesday and measured three-point-three. Residents of Robinsonville, a rural community in Escambia County, say the latest quake was strong enough to jar them from sleep. It also was felt in Mobile and Pensacola. There were no reported injuries or major damage. The area's last earthquake happened May 3rd, 1997.

Montgomery, AL – The Alabama Legislature's special session has ended. The House and Senate agreed to minor changes the governor made in the two state budgets. The lawmakers also passed appropriations bills that accompany the budget and then ended their two-week special session yesterday.

The budgets will mean that as many as one thousand state employees or more will lose their jobs. Funding to many state agencies was cut by 18 percent.

Birmingham, AL – Alabama is still the nation's economic basement, but at least things aren't getting worse. The Census Bureau estimates that an average of 14-point-six percent of Alabama's four-point-four (M) million residents lived in poverty from 2000 through last year. That's higher than the national average of 11-point-seven percent over the same period and among the nation's worst poverty rates.

Montgomery, AL – Three Auburn University trustees whose terms have expired will get to serve a few more months. That's because the state Senate ended its special session yesterday without considering replacements for the three trustees.