A Prairie Home Companion http://apr.org en PHC Joke-A-Thon http://apr.org/post/phc-joke-thon <p>A lawyer, a blonde, a nun and a trombone player walk into a bar......</p><p>It could only be a joke-a-thon weekend on A Prairie Home Companion!&nbsp; Not only will you be able to hear the &quot;The Ying Tong Song&quot; from the BBC&#39;s &quot;Goon Show,&quot; but there will be a tribute to the Marx Brothers and Tom Keith&#39;s utterly perfect chicken sounds.&nbsp;And I&#39;ve heard&nbsp;rumors that&nbsp;about a&nbsp;rather unfortunate school lunch that was served at Lake Wobegon Elementary School.</p> Fri, 02 Mar 2012 00:43:00 +0000 Jackie Howell 14521 at http://apr.org PHC Joke-A-Thon