Equal Justice Initiative Alabama http://apr.org en Montgomery Group Calls for Change at St. Clair http://apr.org/post/montgomery-group-calls-change-st-clair <p>A group pushing for changes in <font color="red">Alabama's</font> prison system is calling for a new warden at St. Clair Correctional Facility because of inmate violence.</p><p></p><p>The Equal Justice Initiative says three inmates have been killed in the last 10 months and five in the last 30 months. The executive director of the Montgomery-based group, Bryan Stevenson, says there have been many other stabbings and assaults. He says new leadership is needed to improve conditions</p> Fri, 13 Jun 2014 11:25:57 +0000 Associated Press 53823 at http://apr.org Montgomery Group Calls for Change at St. Clair Advocate says Tutwiler Report 'Wakes People Up' http://apr.org/post/advocate-says-tutwiler-report-wakes-people <P>An attorney for inmates says a federal report detailing problems at Alabama's prison for women is revealing.</P> <P>Bryan Stevenson of the Montgomery-based Equal Justice Initiative says the study "wakes people up" by showing what's going on at Tutwiler prison, located in Wetumpka.</P> <P>Stevenson tells the Montgomery Advertiser a long-term solution is needed to fix the state's prisons.</P> <P>Stevenson's organization last year alleged widespread abuse of inmates and sexual misconduct at Tutwiler involving corrections officers.</P> <P>Alabama Prison Commissioner Kim Thomas sought the fe Mon, 28 Jan 2013 12:30:56 +0000 The Associated Press 23887 at http://apr.org Advocate says Tutwiler Report 'Wakes People Up'