Alabama flooding en Storms Cause Flash Flooding In Alabama <P>Strong thunderstorms caused downpours that resulted in flash flooding in parts of Alabama.</P> <P>The weather service didn't report any severe weather associated with the storms on Tuesday, but the downpours created headaches for some.</P> <P>Streets flooded in parts of Jefferson County and Birmingham, causing traffic tie-ups. The weather service said flash flooding was likely near Montgomery, with deluges of as much as 2 inches of rain possible in a short time.</P> <P>In northwest Alabama, workers had to use brooms to sweep water out of the First Baptist Church of Russellville. Tue, 23 Jul 2013 22:12:51 +0000 The Associated Press 34697 at Storms Cause Flash Flooding In Alabama Some Roads Closed, Homes Flooded in Alabama <p>Flood watches and warnings continued for much of Alabama, as heavy rain continued to fall on already saturated ground.<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; In northern Alabama, emergency managers reported flooding across parts of central Morgan and much of central and eastern Lawrence counties.<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; In Moulton, authorities said several roads were impassable and several houses had flooded near the city's downtown area.<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; Authorities said numerous roads were also impassable in and around Decatur and Hartselle.<br> Fri, 05 Jul 2013 12:54:19 +0000 The Associated Press 33562 at Some Roads Closed, Homes Flooded in Alabama Rains, Flooding Threat Continues in Alabama <DIV> <P>Rivers are rising and flooding continues to be a threat as rain keeps falling in Alabama.</P> <P>A flood warning is in effect for most of northern and western Alabama, and a flood watch covers the rest of the region.</P> <P>The National Weather Service says as much as 1 inch of additional rain could fall Wednesday, increasing flooding problems since the ground already is saturated with water.</P> <P>Forecasters say the Flint River is more than a foot above flood level in Madison County, and the Paint Rock River is 2 feet above flood level in Jackson County and rising.</P> <P>Low- Wed, 16 Jan 2013 13:52:22 +0000 The Associated Press 23286 at Rains, Flooding Threat Continues in Alabama