Alabama rain storms en More Rain Headed To Soggy Alabama <p></p><p>Alabama is soggy after a day of heavy rain, and forecasters say more precipitation is on the way.</p><p>Rains with a few thunderstorms are predicted for Monday in central Alabama, where some areas have received more than 5 inches of rain in a 24-hour period.</p><p>The heaviest rains were in central Alabama. Marengo County received 5.7 inches of rain Sunday, and Calera got 5.5 inches. Bibb County received 4.38 inches of rain.</p><p>Forecasters say rain chances are diminishing in southern counties, but showers will continue to the north.</p> Mon, 09 Dec 2013 22:27:49 +0000 The Associated Press 42978 at More Rain Headed To Soggy Alabama Eastern Ala. Farmers Feeling Brunt Of Heavy Rain <p></p><p>Eastern Alabama farmers say they're feeling the lingering effects of an unusually wet summer.</p><p>Joseph Collier farms peas, okra, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes in Mountainboro and works 10 months of the years as a school janitor to qualify for health insurance and other benefits.</p><p>Collier told the Gadsden Times he lost most of his crops this year because of heavy rain and missed the corn-planting season altogether because of wet soil.</p> Sun, 04 Aug 2013 19:50:31 +0000 The Associated Press 35389 at Eastern Ala. Farmers Feeling Brunt Of Heavy Rain Flooding, Wintry Precipitation Possible in Ala <p>The mix of heavy rains and colder temperatures is causing potential weather problems across Alabama.</p><div><p>The National Weather Service says persistent rains already have caused flash flooding in areas, and it has issued flood warnings for the Tennessee Valley region and west Alabama.</p><p>Some parts of north Alabama received up to 3 inches of rain quickly, and forecasters say additional rains will only increase runoff and cause more flooding.</p><p>There's a flood watch out for much of central Alabama.</p> Mon, 14 Jan 2013 15:22:11 +0000 The Associated Press 23180 at Flooding, Wintry Precipitation Possible in Ala