2014 elections http://apr.org en DeMarco, Palmer Seek GOP Nod In Ala. 6th District http://apr.org/post/demarco-palmer-seek-gop-nod-ala-6th-district <p></p><p>A state legislator and the founder of a conservative policy group are meeting in the runoff for the Republican nomination in Alabama's 6th congressional district.</p><p>State Rep. Paul DeMarco and Gary Palmer are competing in Tuesday's runoff to replace the retiring Rep. Spencer Bachus.</p><p>The winner faces Democrat Avery Vise in November. The central Alabama district is considered one of the nation's strongest-leaning Republican areas.</p> Tue, 15 Jul 2014 20:42:10 +0000 The Associated Press 55818 at http://apr.org DeMarco, Palmer Seek GOP Nod In Ala. 6th District Things To Know About Alabama's Runoff Election http://apr.org/post/things-know-about-alabamas-runoff-election <p></p><p>Alabama voters go to the polls Tuesday for a runoff election that has more contested races on the Republican ballot than the Democratic ballot.</p> Mon, 14 Jul 2014 20:36:22 +0000 The Associated Press 55748 at http://apr.org Things To Know About Alabama's Runoff Election AG Says County Commissions Can't Ban Guns At Polls http://apr.org/post/ag-says-county-commissions-cant-ban-guns-polls <p></p><p>Alabama's attorney general has issued an advisory opinion saying a county commission does not have the authority to prohibit firearms at polling places.</p><p>The Chambers County Commission sought the advice of Attorney General Luther Strange after some people showed up to vote in the June 3 primary election in Chambers and Shelby counties carrying guns.</p> Tue, 08 Jul 2014 21:55:57 +0000 The Associated Press 55378 at http://apr.org AG Says County Commissions Can't Ban Guns At Polls Alabama Attorney General Likes Suing Obama http://apr.org/post/alabama-attorney-general-likes-suing-obama <p></p><p>Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange says he goes to work every day and thinks of a way to sue the Obama administration.</p><p>Al.com reports that Strange made the comment in a speech to the Republican Women of Huntsville. He told the group Tuesday that part of his oath of office compelled him in that pursuit. He described it as a full-time job that's the best job in Alabama politics. Strange has sued over the Affordable Care Act, opposed the Obama administration on environmental regulations and filed court briefs in several cases involving federal policy.</p> Thu, 03 Jul 2014 20:48:11 +0000 The Associated Press 55105 at http://apr.org Alabama Attorney General Likes Suing Obama 2 Mavericks In Alabama Auditor Runoff July 15 http://apr.org/post/2-mavericks-alabama-auditor-runoff-july-15 <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>The Republican runoff for state auditor on July 15 features two of Alabama's best known political mavericks who promise to transform the smallest office in the state Capitol into a center for uncovering wrongdoing.</p><p>Mobile attorney Jim Zeigler is known as "Mr. 49 Percent" for losing many close races. He takes on retired Shelby County businessman Dale Peterson, who became an Internet sensation in his 2010 race for agriculture commissioner where he toted a gun and promised to go after the crooks in Montgomery.</p> Sat, 28 Jun 2014 22:41:39 +0000 The Associated Press 54794 at http://apr.org 2 Mavericks In Alabama Auditor Runoff July 15 Beason Endorses Palmer In 6th District Runoff http://apr.org/post/beason-endorses-palmer-6th-district-runoff <p></p><p>The third-place finisher in the Republican primary in the 6th Congressional District, state Sen. Scott Beason of Gardendale, has thrown his support to Gary Palmer in the runoff.</p><p>Beason says he and Palmer have known each other for many years through Beason's work in the Legislature and Palmer's leadership of the Alabama Policy Institute in Birmingham. Beason says Palmer knows the issues and is ready to serve.</p><p>Palmer ran second in the Republican primary June 3 to state Rep. Paul DeMarco of Homewood. They face off in the runoff July 15.</p> Mon, 23 Jun 2014 22:13:59 +0000 The Associated Press 54439 at http://apr.org Beason Endorses Palmer In 6th District Runoff Alabama Voter Turnout Lower Than 2010 http://apr.org/post/alabama-voter-turnout-lower-2010 <p></p><p>Voter turnout for Alabama's primary election Tuesday was much lower than four years ago.</p><p>Complete but unofficial returns from Tuesday's primary showed more than 613,000 people participated. That put the turnout at nearly 22 percent.</p><p>The turnout for the primary election four years ago was 32 percent, but both political parties had hot races for governor that year. The races for governor Tuesday were lopsided, with Republican incumbent Robert Bentley and Democrat Parker Griffith winning easily.</p> Wed, 04 Jun 2014 20:53:56 +0000 The Associated Press 53262 at http://apr.org Alabama Voter Turnout Lower Than 2010 Griffith, Bentley Prepare For Fall Campaign http://apr.org/post/griffith-bentley-prepare-fall-campaign <p></p><p>The Democratic nominee for governor, Parker Griffith, calls Republican incumbent Robert Bentley timid and irresponsible.</p><p>Griffith says he plans to focus his general election campaign on Bentley refusing to expand the state Medicaid program and not doing enough to increase jobs in the state.</p><p>Bentley said Wednesday he doesn't like negative campaigning, and he will focus his campaign on his records and his goals. He says politicians might not be very good candidates if they have to spend their time talking about how bad their opponents are.</p> Wed, 04 Jun 2014 20:47:48 +0000 The Associated Press 53255 at http://apr.org Griffith, Bentley Prepare For Fall Campaign Limited Government Group Responds To Alabama AG http://apr.org/post/limited-government-group-responds-alabama-ag <p></p><p>A group that ran TV ads critical of the Republican legislative leadership says it doesn't have to disclose its sources of funding because the ads were for educational purposes only.</p><p>An attorney for the Alabama Foundation for Limited Government, J. Brandon Rice, told Attorney General Luther Strange in a letter that the ads were not designed to influence Tuesday's primary election.</p> Mon, 02 Jun 2014 21:31:23 +0000 The Associated Press 53139 at http://apr.org Limited Government Group Responds To Alabama AG More Than 700,000 Votes Expected In Alabama http://apr.org/post/more-700000-votes-expected-alabama <p></p><p>More than 700,000 Alabama voters are expected at the polls Tuesday for the first election where voters will be required to show a photo ID.</p><p>Alabama's chief election official, Jim Bennett, is predicting that 25 percent to 27 percent of Alabama's 2.8 million registered voters will turn out for the primary election. That's down from 32 percent four years ago, when both parties had hotly contested races for governor.</p><p>This is the first election where voters have to show a photo ID. That can include a driver's license, non-driver ID, Alabama voter ID or passport.</p> Mon, 02 Jun 2014 21:17:40 +0000 The Associated Press 53132 at http://apr.org More Than 700,000 Votes Expected In Alabama Auburn Sports Contract Focus Of Hubbard Race http://apr.org/post/auburn-sports-contract-focus-hubbard-race <p></p><p>A decade-old old broadcasting contract at Auburn University is taking center stage in a new campaign ad.</p><p>Auburn University's former lobbyist appears in the television spot accusing Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard of getting confidential information to win the college's broadcasting contract more than a decade ago.</p><p>Lobbyist Buddy Mitchell says he gave Hubbard copies of the proposals to broadcast Auburn sporting events. Mitchell says that enabled Hubbard to undercut his competitors and win the 2002 contract.</p> Tue, 27 May 2014 21:15:37 +0000 The Associated Press 52763 at http://apr.org Auburn Sports Contract Focus Of Hubbard Race GOP Supermajority Plays Defense In Primaries http://apr.org/post/gop-supermajority-plays-defense-primaries <p></p><p>A bitter war is erupting for control of the Alabama Statehouse and this time it is Republican versus Republican.</p><p>Republicans won a majority in the Alabama Legislature in 2010, but in 2014 many incumbents are facing primary party challenges.</p><p>Republican Senate leader Del Marsh called many of the challengers RINOs, or Republicans in name only. He said many were funded by the Alabama Education Association, which has often been at odds with current legislators.</p> Mon, 26 May 2014 21:02:03 +0000 The Associated Press 52706 at http://apr.org GOP Supermajority Plays Defense In Primaries Alabama Governor Candidate Promotes Lottery Plan http://apr.org/post/alabama-governor-candidate-promotes-lottery-plan <p></p><p>Republican candidate for governor Stacy George says his state lottery proposal could produce up to $200 million annually to help five programs.</p><p>During a news conference Tuesday in Montgomery, George said he would divide the money between volunteer fire and rescue squads, technical college scholarships, voluntary pre-kindergarten, the state General Fund, and downtown revitalization projects. He says contracts for the revitalization would have to go to companies in the communities being served, which would generate jobs in each town.</p> Tue, 20 May 2014 22:04:49 +0000 The Associated Press 52341 at http://apr.org Alabama Governor Candidate Promotes Lottery Plan Gov. Bentley Opponent Calls For Releasing Inmates http://apr.org/post/gov-bentley-opponent-calls-releasing-inmates <p></p><p>A prison guard running against Gov. Robert Bentley says Alabama's prison system is at risk of a federal takeover because of severe overcrowding.</p><p>At a news conference Thursday in Montgomery, Stacy George said that if elected, he would create a second parole board like Gov. Bob Riley did to expedite the parole of non-violent inmates. George said he will ask the Legislature to repeal the habitual offender law that provides for longer sentences for repeat offenders and he will make the repeal retroactive. He says that could reduce the prison population by more than one-fourth.</p> Thu, 15 May 2014 21:11:48 +0000 The Associated Press 52040 at http://apr.org Gov. Bentley Opponent Calls For Releasing Inmates DA Looking At Ala. Senate Candidate's Expenditures http://apr.org/post/da-looking-ala-senate-candidates-expenditures <p></p><p>A district attorney in east Alabama says he has begun a preliminary investigation into the campaign finances of Republican state Senate candidate Tim Sprayberry of Heflin.</p><p>District Attorney E. Paul Jones said Friday it appears that there are campaign contributions that were not reported. He said it also appears campaign funds were spent on personal expenses.</p><p>Jones said several complaints prompted the investigation, and it is ongoing.</p> Fri, 09 May 2014 21:12:34 +0000 The Associated Press 51663 at http://apr.org DA Looking At Ala. Senate Candidate's Expenditures